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A lot of times there are motorcycle related webpages that would benefit my readers. If you have a motorcycle related web page. “Any website that is involved in the motorcycle industry”, please feel free to request a link exchange. The two things ask in return is that you put a link from my website onto yours and that your website be related to motorcycles. When you add my link to your webpage please put it on your home page or no more than one click/page away from the home page. Please don’t add a link or trade a link if it is not related to motorcycles or motorcycling… Your link will be deleted if it is not motorcycle related and or SPAM! If you have a legitimate Motorcycle Website I will exchange links with you. I will personally preview your website to find my link and then I will activate you link. Thank You… Papamike69 Web Owner.

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<a target=”_blank” href=””>Motorcycle Men</a> Find out what it means to be a real motorcycle man.

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