Motorcycle Men
Motorcycle boots, motorcycle jackets and motorcycle chaps aren’t all that make up a motorcycle man. Of course having the right motorcycle to fit the man is a must. But there is more then this. Being a motorcycle man is more then boots, jacket, chaps or motorcycle, its attitude. “Motorcycle Men” is a website that features articles about men and what makes them a motorcycle man. It also offers information on motorcycle jackets for men, motorcycle boots and men’s motorcycle chaps plus a lot more. As a matter of a fact you will find just about everything that a motorcycle man might need to fully recognize his ability to be honored among the ranks of motorcycle men.

Why Do Motorcycle Men Ride Motorcycles?

Motorcycle men through out the ages have pondered this age old question. Why do we ride motorcycles? Is it for the thrill? Is it for the glory? Is it for the Chicks? Well I think we have come up with the possible answer to the question at hand. Why do motorcycle men ride motorcycles?

A motorcycle man is often considered to be outlaw biker. Why this is, remains to be one of the great mysteries of life I guess. When you consider that out law bikers make up only one percent of the total motorcycle men the ride. This is self evident by the exclusive patch that outlaw bikers wear. It is called the 1% patch and is worn only by the few that choose to live a life style contrary to what some would call the norm.

This is why I feel there is some how a great mystery afoot. If only one percent of the men that ride are outlaw in nature, then that leaves ninety nine percent of the men that ride on the side of the law, or we would presume they are any way.