A motorcycle man is often considered to be outlaw biker. Why this is, remains to be one of the great mysteries of life I guess. When you consider that out law bikers make up only one percent of the total motorcycle men the ride. This is self evident by the exclusive patch that outlaw bikers wear. It is called the 1% patch and is worn only by the few that choose to live a life style contrary to what some would call the norm.

This is why I feel there is some how a great mystery afoot. If only one percent of the men that ride are outlaw in nature, then that leaves ninety nine percent of the men that ride on the side of the law, or we would presume they are any way.

Now I don’t have any disrespect or judgments for the few that choose to ride on the wild side of the law. I leave that up to their conscience and God. However what I do have is an observation about men that ride their motorcycles on the right side of the law.

The majority of men that ride motorcycles today are hard working family men, that while conforming to societies values, still has a need to be a little wild and to be set free. This is not at all a bad thing.

The other observation I have seen is that, while most motorcycle men want the freedom that riding a motorcycle brings they are still God fearing and don’t compromise on their on personal ethics.

With-in the ninety nine percent group of family oriented, hard working and God fearing motorcycle men there is a small but ever growing group of men that live a committed motorcycle lifestyle devoted to spreading the word of salvation through Jesus Christ.

These men come from all walks of live. Some even come from the ranks of the outlaw bikers. Although few in numbers, these Christian bikers have come to a fundamental decision to follow the beliefs and teaching of Jesus Christ.  They have formed Organizations, Associations and groups pronouncing their loyalty and dedication to spreading the teachings of Christ. Some of these Christian Motorcycle Associations and organizations are  The Faith Riders, Wheels of Grace and Bikers for Christ.

It seems that the majority of these bikers for Christ all come form a less then God like sinful life style. While not all do, some of these faith based motorcycle men come for a past of alcohol and drug addiction while others come from a life of infidelity and abuse. There is even one I am told, that lived a murderous lifestyle of an outlaw bikers hit man.

The thing is though, all of these men came to a cross road in their life. They all came to realize that there is better way of life. They all came to believing that Jesus Christ died on the cross and took their sins and washed them away. They all came to the realization that they all had sinned and they all had fallen short of the glory of God. Thy confessed their sins to God and asked Jesus Christ to come in to their lives and turned away from their former sinful life style.

Did this make any of them any less of a biker or any less of a man? Did it make them weak and less powerful? No! It is not a weakness to believe in the need for a savior or that there is a being more powerful then we. On the contrary they all have found strength and power, the strength and the power of God love and forgiveness.

If you feel that there is something missing in your life, if you have a need or are going through a devastating event that has you at the very end of your rope. If you want what we have and want to find out how to get it please visit the Christian motorcycle organizations I have listed above or go to Christian Motorcycle Association.

If you need someone to talk to and don’t’ find what you need from any of the links above please feel free to contact me personally at faith@ubadflorida.com


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