Through out history motorcycle men have been stereotyped as being out-laws. It seems that that no matter where you go, if you are wearing a leather jacket and a do-rag on you head people will scurry across to the other side of the street to avoid you. Although over the years motorcycle manufactures and well as the men that ride motorcycles have tried to change this image.

Ever since Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda hopped on those gleaming Choppers and rumbled down the road into infamous glory, I have always wanted to ride a motorcycle. You know, bugs in my teeth, get the feel of the wind in my face and feel all of that raw power under me as people stared when I rolled by.

I was twelve when the movie Easy Rider came out and I will never forget the image of what Hollywood told us a Motorcycle Man should be. Wyatt, played by Peter Fonda and Billy, played by Denis Hopper were two young bikers that sell some drugs; stash the money inside the gas tanks of their choppers and head out onto the open road.

I am sure that this is the idealistic vision that every man dreams about and what leads him down the path to become a motorcycle man. However, from my own experience, I can assure you that motorcycle men are more then just two wheels, loud pipes and a hot babe on the back rumbling down the road selling drug’s.

Today motorcycle men are hard working strong men, responsible men that are not afraid to take charge. There is no simple definition of a Motorcycle man, he cannot be defined by boundaries; motorcycle men come in many shapes and sizes, from all lifestyles and from every occupation. There are doctors and lawyers, ministers and priest, mechanics and carpenters all with the same dream, the dream to crank the throttle wide open and hit the open road like a bat out of hell.

Out side of the few, you know the 1% club, those outlaw bikers that have chosen to go all the way and commit to the life style, or the lucky few that race motorcycles or work in the motorcycle industry, most of motorcycle men can only live the dream on the week ends or after a long day of work. Oh sure some of them do get to ride their motorcycles to work occasionally, while a motorcycle is the only means of transportation for others.

There is one common thread that weaves all men that ride motorcycles together. That thread is the spirit and courage to take risk, to dare to be different and to stand up for what they believe no matter what.  Most motorcycle men believe in God, family and country.  A motorcycle man is always ready to help one of his own, and would never leave a fellow biker stranded along the side of the road.

Even though motorcycle men are bound together by a command bond, they are individuals; different in every way, from the bike they ride to the gear that they ware. Every one has his own reason for being a motorcycle man. Nevertheless, every one can be proud in the fact that they dare to do what most men do not.

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