Hey motorcycle men! If you ride a motorcycle then most likely you also have a pickup truck. You may need to haul your bike around when it’s broke or if you may need to take it some place that you really don’t feel like riding it. It only makes since that motorcycles and pickup trucks go together. I have both and the reason I do is so I can trailer up my bike and take it to Daytona or where ever I need to.

I have a Ford F250 Super-Duty with an off road package and it’s a beast. Of course I have added a few sweet accessories to it so it has just the right custom appeal that fits my personality.Let’s see, I have added a bed liner. It was a must because I dump just about everything in the back of my truck. If you don’t have one in the back of your truck I would suggest that you pick one up. There are a lot of good truck bed liners on the market but here are a few of the ones that I recommend. I like the rugged Bedmats, DualLiner and Bed Rug Truck Bed Liners; you can find these pickup truck bed liners at TruckAddons.com

The next thing that I’ve added was fender flares. Fender flares are custom molded attachments that mount securely into the wheel well openings of your truck, Jeep or SUVs. By adding fender flares it offered me a unique opportunity to customize my truck by flaring the finders while not going to the expense of actually adding side body modifications.

Because I also love to do a lot of off road driving also got a setup with Rancho Shocks. I think that Rancho Shocks are the shocks that off-road driving enthusiasts need. When you equipping your truck with off-road shocks absorbers and you want equipment that won’t brake and let you down then Rancho Shocks are the essential heavy-duty, performance shock absorber for you.

Now here is a funny word, nerf bars. Well if you have been around car racing you know what a nerf bar is. No it’s not wife’s slow cousin, or the guy that picks his nose while setting at a traffic light. A nerf bar is a tubular device fitted to the side of a racecar, typically single-seat racecars that compete on asphalt or dirt oval tracks. Let me explain how this relates to me and you and our pickup trucks. “A “nerf” is a small, sometimes intentional, collision between two cars in which one driver bumps the other to facilitate a successful pass. The nerf bar protects the sides of the vehicles and also keeps their tires from becoming entangled. If fast-spinning tires come in contact with each other, one or both of the cars may lose control or even become airborne. A more commercial application of the nerf bar is for convenience purposes on a pickup truck or sport utility vehicle. It may act as a step to ease entry and exit from the vehicle, or to help prevent damage to the vehicle when crossing rocks off-road.” (Information from truckaddons.com.) I added a pair of Rampage Nerf Bars to my truck and it looks really great.

Now the last thing I did was I added a lift kit. I raised my truck up about three inches. I could have gone higher but the Ford F-250 Super-Duty is already pretty high. Lift kits are good if you want to raise your truck up to give it better ground clearance or if you just want to make your truck look cool. Of course I added bigger tires from Nitto Tires as well. The only thing that’s left for me to add is a bed cover. I have my eye on a few different tounneau covers but that will have to wait until next month.

You know after putting so much into upgrading and customizing my pickup truck I almost prefer it over my motorcycle. Almost!


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